Diverse Interest Group Sessions Available at ISBC

Diverse Interest Group Sessions Available at ISBC

ubf university bible fellowship 2018 international summer bible conference

We are excited to offer diverse Interest Group (IG) sessions at this conference. IG sessions aims to offer conference attendees an opportunity to learn more about specific topics of their interest in the area of Christian life and ministry. Participants will be able to join in the discussion and network with other UBF members of common interest, professions and services. Each IG will be led by a group of facilitators and we hope that this opportunity may be a platform for leadership development as well.

39 IG sessions will be offered in 5 categories (Ministry, World mission, Spiritual growth & family, Bible & theology, and Peer group). They will be offered on Friday afternoon at the conference in two time slots (IG I 2:00-3:40 PM and IG II 4:00-5:30 PM). Some of the IG session will be repeated twice, other will be offered in one of the two time slots, and still others will use both time slots for more in-depth discussion. The topics, abstracts, and facilitator teams can be found below.

You can sign up for your preferred IG session(s) during conference registration. The facilitators may begin to communicate with those who have signed up for their sessions prior to the conference. Some IG sessions will be offered in Korean or Spanish. We look forward to your active participation in IG sessions.

Moses Noh and John Yoon (ISBC 2018 IG Coordinators) 

Click here to see detailed Interest Groups

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