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Plan to Arrive Earlier? Check Out Our Guidance for Early Arrivals

For international delegates ARRIVAL LOCATIONSCONFERENCE SITE (Louisville, KY)CHICAGO *Check-in at the Galt House hotel in Louisville, Kentucky begins at 3 p.m. on August 9, 2018. *For those who must arrive in Chicago before August 9, Chicago UBF and Chicagoland UBF chapters will provide lodging, meals, and transportation to Louisville, Kentucky. (We will leave Chicago promptly at 9 a.m. on August 9 to travel to the conference site.) *Those who arrive on or after August 9 are recommended to fly directly to [...]

What is your plan after the conference? We have POST-ISBC Options!

There are two POST-ISBC OPTIONS after the ISBC Main program which ends Aug. 12th on Sunday. You can choose one of two options and The POST-ISBC OPTIONS are not mandatory to attend but optional. If you want to know more about the POST-ISBC OPTIONS, please click the bottom link. Please click here to see detailed POST-ISBC OPTIONS!      

Build up His Kingdom Together! – International Steering Committee

 COUNTRY NAME   CO-CHAIRSUSA Abraham Kim KOREAMoses Lee (Korea UBF Director) USA Ron Ward KOREAMoses Yoon (Vice-GDs) GENERAL MANAGERUSAMark Vucekovich (North America Coordinator) Edward Papabathini (North America Conference Coordinator) MEMBERSKOREAMoses Kim (Korea UBF General Secretary) Caleb Kim (Korea UBF World Mission Dept. Chair) John Lee (Korea UBF Coordinator for North America) AFRICAJames Lee (Africa Coordinator) Mark Yoon Livingstone Kang James Odejimi ASIAPeter Lee (Asia Coordinator) William Kim CISCaleb Han (CIS Coordinator) Paul Oh James Point EUROPEWalter Nett (Europe Coordinator) Caleb Lee Elijah Park LATIN AMERICAElias Park (L. America Coordinator) Marcos Kim Timoteo Han M.EM. Y., C. H [...]