Frequently Asked Questions


  • Cancellation of a reservation must be received 48 hours in advance of the arrival date or a one night penalty will be charged.  Ex) If your reservation is for Aug. 8, you have until Aug. 6 to cancel without charge.
  • How to cancel? – Find the confirmation email when you received from the Hotel after your reservation and click through the link, which will take you to the PASSKEY website which you can cancel your reservation.
  • * It is safer to cancel sooner than 48 hours before your reservation date.  Because hotel booking closes June 30, 2018 and we need to confirm our counts by then, if possible please cancel in advance of that date if necessary.


REFUND POLICY FOR CONFERENCE REGISTRATION (This is only for Conference Registration Cancellation Policy, not for Hotel)

  • As of April 15, 2018, any refunds requested (due to cancellation, change of registration options or purchases) will incur a 10% fee of the requested amount. No refunds will be offered after June 30th, after which time changes to records will not be allowed. You will be able to continue to make payments against your balance until on site check in on August 9.

*NOTE: to avoid this fee, you may apply the credit to another’s registration by adding them to your group, or adding options to your registration.

*Please visit here to see visa interview tips & guidelines
*About visitor visa by TRAVEL.STATE.GOV – Click here

*For international delegates who want to attend ISBC 2018 and need an invitation letter* and the US senator’s letter of recommendation* to apply for US visa, please fill the following google form so that we can serve you better.


*Pastor Mark Vucekovich will send you a UBF invitation letter and Dr. Henry Park can provide a letter of support for US visa applicants from a U.S Senator’s office.


  • For their convenience, international registrants will have their meals included in their registration fee.
  • For domestic registrants (US/Canada), children 5 and under are included in their parents’ meal plan. For 6-10 year olds, their meal plans are half-price. You will have the opportunity to choose a meal plan when you are registering your children for the conference.

* To register your child for childcare, specific information including age, gender, birthdate, emergency contact information (phone number that will work in US), special requirements, and consent will be required.

* On the first day of the conference (Thursday), childcare will open at 6pm for parents to check-in their children for the first time.
* Childcare will open 15 minutes before each adult program for drop off and children need to be picked up within 15 minutes of the end of each program to avoid late charges. *Parents are responsible for feeding their children for all meals.
* Please bring your children to the restroom before each childcare session.
* Parents will be given two identical designated cards to be used to pick up their children after each session. Providers will NOT release children without this card being shown.

We will enforce a sick policy so that sick children do not attend childcare while they are sick. Some providers are first aid and CPR certified. On call UBF physicians will also be available if needed. Equipment and furniture will be daily cleaned and sanitized. Children with any special needs (medical, food, behavioral, language, etc)  will be given a bracelet to wear for the entire conference. Childcare providers will accompany children to the restroom only in groups.

Yes, we will try to provide UBF volunteer translators for Spanish and Korean if needed.

Childcare will be in several designated large rooms in the Galt House hotel.

*Please note when registering your child, that a child should be registered according to the age he/she will be AT THE TIME OF THE CONFERENCE 2018, NOT at the time of registration.


  1.     a) 1-3 years old (not potty-trained): $85
  2.     b) 3 years (potty-trained) – 5 years old: $70
  3.     c) 6-10 years old: $55


  1.   a) 1-10 years old: $50

These costs are for the entire conference (Thursday-Sunday) and include the cost for childcare providers, and activity and cleaning supplies. If your child needs snacks or equipment (stroller, pack ‘n play, etc), please bring them labeled with your child’s name.

Childcare will be provided for all adult conference programs, except Interest Group-I (Friday) and reflection writing time (Saturday). Parents should pick up their children for all meal times, feed them, and then drop them off at childcare at the next program time.
The Interest Group-I and reflection writing time breaks from childcare are to ensure that both children and childcare providers have the time to rest, so they can be energized for the long evening sessions.
Childcare will be provided for about 25 hours total.

*Childcare schedule/table here

6:00-6:15pm check-in
7:45am-12:15pm childcare
7:45am-12:15pm childcare8:15am-12:35pm childcare
6:15-10:00pm childcare3:45-5:45pm childcare4:15-5:45pm childcare
7:15-9:45pm childcare
7:05-10:15pm childcare
  • Yes, all providers will undergo a background check and interview process before they are hired. They will also have sexual harrassment and youth leadership video training after being hired. Some providers are CPR/First Aid certified. In the Gap ministry (which is partnering with Noble Call), requires their providers to undergo a rigorous application process to gauge character and integrity as well.  

We are working with Noble Call Ministry, which we partnered with for the last Midwest and Chicago-area Easter conferences, as well as DuPage UBF (Illinois). Many of the providers will be college and high school aged Christian students from the Christian ministry “In the Gap,” which has a partnership with Noble Call Ministry.

* Noble Call Christian ministry partners with churches and Christian conferences to provide childcare so parents can attend adult conferences. They will take care of 1-5 year olds.

* DuPage UBF (Illinois) will partner with its own members and Wheaton College students to care for 6-10 years olds.

  • There will be three separate age groups for childcare and each group will have its own designated room(s): 1-3 years* (not potty-trained); 3 yrs (potty-trained)-5 years*; 6-10 years*. (* age at time of conference)
  • Grandparents or older siblings (11 years old or older) are welcome to accompany a young child who has separation anxiety to help the child get comfortable.”
  • No, children in this age range do not have to enroll in childcare; parents can make alternate, private babysitting arrangements. HOWEVER, children ages 1-10 will not be allowed into the adult conference.
  • Children who will be 1-10 years old (at time of conference) can register for childcare under one parent when the parent is registering for ISBC. Infants under the age of 1 at the time of conference should attend the conference (in the live video feed room) with their parents.
  • Childcare is NOT a separate conference for the children. However, childcare will do its best to provide Biblical, enriching programming for the children with the same “Kingdom” theme as the adult conference. The programs will be catered to each age group and will include Bible discussions, praise, physical activity, and crafts.
  • Childcare is a service provided to UBF parents to keep their children safe during the adult ISBC conference so their parents can attend the conference.

HBF will coordinate with International directors to accommodate language requests for GBS made through the registration website. Supplemental HBF programs may have some Korean subtitles and/or manuscripts available. If other languages are needed for supplemental HBF programs, let us know. If you want to contact us, please click here.