HBF will coordinate with International directors to accommodate language requests for GBS made through the registration website. Supplemental HBF programs may have some Korean subtitles and/or manuscripts available. If other languages are needed for supplemental HBF programs, let us know. If you want to contact us, please click here.

HBF members will be attending all of the main programs. However we will have the following supplemental programs:

1. Separate High School Bible Study groups (during GBS and Testimony writing/sharing times)
2. Thursday Night High School Social (After the main program on Thursday night)
3. United High School Worship  (During Interest Group Session #2)
4. Games/Activities/Sports (During testimony sharing time on Saturday)
  • For their convenience, international registrants will have their meals included in their registration fee.
  • For domestic registrants (US/Canada), children 5 and under are included in their parents’ meal plan. For 6-10 year olds, their meal plans are half-price. You will have the opportunity to choose a meal plan when you are registering your children for the conference.

We ask all attendants to stay at the Galt House Hotel, as we need to fill a minimum number of reservations in our room block for the negotiated rate to avoid penalties.  If you choose not to stay at the Galt House, there will be an additional $200 fee per person on top of registration and meal costs.

The fee will be applied on the registration website.  In the “Agenda” section, there will be a checkbox that the registrant will select to indicate that they are not staying at the Galt House.  This will add $200 to the registration balance for that person.  The checkbox can be toggled on or off, and the balance adjusted if the situation changes.  The full registration balance is due by July 1.

USA/Canada Agenda page:



For early arrivals before the standard check-in time (3pm), the hotel recommends that you call them (800) The-Galt or (855) 736-3527 on the day you are arriving to request early check-in.  Check-out is at 11am, so the earliest check-in time is 12pm.  If there are clean rooms available, the hotel will accommodate your request.

No, the adults do not have to stay in the same hotel room.  For USA and Canadian attendees hotel bookings are handled separately and independently.

* If you want to travel to the conference before August 9, you  should make your own arrangements for all travel, food and lodging at your own expense.
* If there is a hardship and unable to cover your expense, then International delegates may fly into Chicago the day before the conference and ride a bus to the conference site.
* If you must fly early into Chicago (O’Hare Airport), Elder David Saethre will coordinate your sleeping arrangements and schedule who will pick you up from the airport.  Please note that there are no guest houses available and all International delegates will stay at Chicago member’s homes as their guest. For more information, you can contact us by selecting “Early Arrivals” in the “Contact us” page.

  • Chicago area members that are willing to host international guests who arrive before August 9 are limited to pay their pre-arrival expenses. Therefore, those who are able to cover their own pre-arrival expenses, they should consider going directly to Louisville.

Early arrivals can take advantage of the UBF discounted room rates at the Galt House Hotel beginning on Monday August 6th, 2018 until August 14th, 2018.  You may book your own hotel rooms the following 2 ways:

(1) Use the following link to book your hotel: https://aws.passkey.com/go/ubf2018
(2) Call the hotel directly, and mention that you are reserving for the “2018 International Summer Bible Conference” to get the discounted rate.

It is not recommended to book directly on the hotel’s website because you will not receive the discounted rate.  Using the above options will guarantee that you receive the discounted rate.
Also, please be advised that your room assignment will be changed on Aug. 9 when the conference begins.
For any additional questions, you can contact us by selecting “Housing” in the “Contact us” page, or email housing@hiskingdom2018.org.

They will stay in the same room of the hotel. In addition, they will have free breakfast as well. But they should check out the next day.

The registration cost for 2013 and 2018 is about the same for the following reasons:
The hotel executive suites can easily accommodate 5 people per room (that’s $85/person for all 3 nights all Incl.).  The total estimated average meal cost for 9 meals if taken outside of the KICC catering (3 breakfast @ avg $8/meal; 3 lunches @ avg. $12/meal; 3 dinners @ $15/meal) is approx. $105.00.  The conference registration regular fee is $140.00. If the above option is taken, the total conference cost is $330.00.

The 2013 ISBC registration fee was $340.00.  With the above rates, the 2018 ISBC registration fee is slightly less than the 2013 fee.

Please note that the main difference in total conference cost from 2013 to 2018 is the cost of meals. If the attendees purchase the meal package at the KICC, the cost of the meals will be $175 (includes 3 breakfast; 3 lunches; 3 dinners).  This will increase the 2018 ISBC total cost up to $400.00.


“Transportation committee is continuing to explore more economical airport transportation options. More information will be posted soon.”

Louisville International Airport.  600 Terminal Drive.  Louisville, KY 40209. (502) 367-4636.  http://www.flylouisville.com/

There is a parking garage adjacent to the hotel.  When you check-in with the hotel, you may inform them that you have a car parked in the garage.  There will be no parking fee for you.  UBF will pay for the parking.

Since 2013, there have been considerable changes in exchange rates between US dollar and the other countries’ currency. The changes are within 5% for Korea, China, Middle East, and most countries of Europe. For other countries, US dollar value has increased significantly–Canada by 20%, Australia by 20%, India/Japan/Philippines/Indonesia by 20-30%, Africa by 30-90%, Mexico by 45%, Russia by 75%. This increase added financial burdens for international delegates.  2018 ISBC fees are differentiated based on these factors.  Furthermore, in order to bring the registration fees low, significant portion of the registration fees are subsidized through donations, Sunday offerings, and UBF HQ support.


For the first time, we chose hotel/convention center (Galt House Hotel and Kentucky International Convention Center) at Louisville, Kentucky as an option for our ISBC conference.  The hotel/convention center offers many advantages: saving moving time for meetings, GBS in hotel rooms, comfortable spaces and environment for lodging/fellowship/meetings, and less UBF conference workers.

Details will be provided later.

We will be reaching out to chapter directors and fellowship leaders to recommend Group Bible Study leaders and groups.  We are first asking ministries to arrange their own Bible study groups, but we also need to know the arrangements so we can determine and share the Room Number of each group prior to the conference.

If we do not receive group Bible study arrangements by June (tentative), we will automatically assign groups.

For this conference, Executive Suites have been negotiated for discounts so that Group Bible Studies can take place in their separate living room area.  This area, along with the bathroom, can be isolated and closed off from the sleeping area.

Group Bible studies will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings in attendee’s Executive Suite rooms in the SUITE Tower.  There is also an additional hour of reflection sharing Saturday afternoon.  If you are staying in an Executive Suite, please be prepared to set up the room to accommodate a 7-8 people.

For more details and to see a floor plan of the rooms, see the DETAILS > Group Bible Study section of this website.

For any additional questions, you can contact us by selecting “Group Bible Study” in the “Contact us” page, or email gbs@hiskingdom2018.org.

Passkey will only allow one credit card to be entered.  If you would like to split the cost across multiple credit cards, you will need call the hotel directly (502) 589-5200 after completing the reservation in Passkey, and they can help you set that up.


One credit card will be required to book the reservation in the Passkey site.  Per the Passkey and hotel policy, the card will not be charged until at least 48 hours before the arrival date.  If there is a cancellation within 48 hours of the arrival date, a one night penalty will be charged.

Once your reservation is made you will receive an email that will provide you with a link to modify any of your reservation details.  You can modify the names, arrival and departure dates of you or the other roommates, add or remove roommates, or you can modify the credit card being used, the room you want to stay in, and any special requests.

Executive suites: 5 people

Deluxe rooms: 4 people

*For more details on the above rooms or to see the floor plans, please click here.

*You can specify your roommates in the hotel booking (Passkey) site and their arrival and departure dates. Please enter their names as found on their driver’s license or government ID so they can check in to the hotel at a different time if necessary.

International Attendees: If you are from outside the USA and Canada you do not need to book your hotel separately.  Sleeping rooms will be assigned to you by UBF.

USA/Canada Attendees: Must book your own room.  There are 2 options available:

  • A link to the hotel book site (“Passkey site”) after registration is complete – on the confirmation page or the opening page after you log in again.  You will also receive a link in a separate hotel confirmation email after you have booked your hotel room.
  • Calling the hotel directly, and using the Room Block Code described in the Lodging section of the “Travel and Lodging” part of the Registration Website.

It is not recommended to book directly on the hotel website because you will not receive the discounted rate.  Using the Passkey link will guarantee you receive the discounted rate.  We have negotiated these rates with the hotel and need to fill a minimum of these rooms, so we ask that you book at the Galt House using the Passkey link or room block code.  If you are booking outside the hotel, you will be charged an additional fee of $200 USD.

For any additional questions, you can contact us by selecting “Housing” in the “Contact us” page, or email housing@hiskingdom2018.org.

Here is where you can find the links on the registration web site:

On confirmation page:













Or after logging in:

Important Note
* For international delegates who want to attend ISBC 2018 and need an invitation letter to apply for US visa, please contact P. Mark Vucekovich (lincolnparkubf@gmail.com).
* Additionally, Dr. Henry Park can provide a letter of support for US visa applicants from a Ohio State U.S Senator’s office. Those who need a letter of support, please contact Dr. Henry Park (henrypark120@gmail.com) with the following information:
1. Each applicant’s full name (Last name, Middle Name, First Name)
2. Date of birth (Month / Day / Year)
3. Passport number
4. The city in which the American embassy where you apply the visa is located.
* You may get the letter of recommendation from a Ohio State US Senator within a week by email. Please place this letter of recommendation on the top of your visa application.

At this time we have no plans to provide childcare for the MSC.

FOR DOMESTIC REGISTRANTS (USA/Canada): Parents should book hotel rooms for their families with the hotel directly (Instructions will be given after completing UBF site registration). They will also need to register and pay for childcare separately.
FOR INTERNATIONAL REGISTRANTS: For your convenience, hotel, food, and childcare for children ages 1-10 is included in each person’s conference registration fee when you register your child(ren) on the conference website.

We are working with Noble Call Ministry, which we partnered with for the last Midwest and Chicago-area Easter conferences, as well as DuPage UBF (Illinois)

* Noble Call Christian ministry partners with churches and Christian conferences to provide childcare so parents can attend adult conferences. They will take care of 1-5 year olds.
* DuPage UBF (Illinois) will care for 6-10 years olds.

We are currently praying about the best Biblical programming to complement the adult conference theme. Children will be grouped by age and the programs will be catered to each age group.

1-10 years of age at time of conference

* Children will be grouped by age in childcare: 1 yr- 3 yr (not potty-trained); 3 yr (potty-trained) – 5 yr; 6-10 yrs
* Infants under the age of 1 at the time of the conference must stay with a parent at all times; no childcare will be offered for children under 12 months old.
* Children ages 11 and up will have MBF and HBF programs.

* Childcare will open 15 minutes before each program and children need to be picked up within 15 minutes of the end of each program to avoid late charges.
* Parents will be given two identical designated number cards to be used to check-out their children each time. Children with any special medical, food, or other special requirements will be given a wristband to wear throughout the conference.

* To register your child, specific information, including age, gender, contact information, special requirements, and consent will be required.

  • During their own registration, parents will be given the opportunity to pay for childcare as well, up to four children per parent. We recommend having the mother only add the children, so as to avoid double paying.