*MSC is following after the main conference.

*When: Sunday Afternoon – Tuesday, August 12-14, 2018
*Where: HOTEL (Galt House Hotel) – 140 N Fourth St, Louisville, KY 40202 / (502) 589-5200 / (https://www.galthouse.com/)

The Missionaries-Shepherds Conference (MSC) is geared towards missionaries and seasoned and growing shepherds serving Christ through the UBF ministry around the World. The MSC will focus on the comprehensive study of the book of Hebrews which uniquely emphasizes Jesus’ priesthood. Understanding Jesus’ priesthood is the key to an intimate relationship with God which is a source of real strength to us.  The study will help participants to know God’s grace in Christ deeper to overcome sin, have a distinctive Christian identity  and live a gospel centered life.  


As the Messiah, Jesus has three offices: Prophet, Priest and King. As prophet, Jesus speaks God’s word to people. As priest, Jesus intercedes for people with God. As king, Jesus rules with peace, love and justice.

The book of Hebrews uniquely emphasizes Jesus’ priesthood. Why is it so important for us to know and understand Jesus’ priesthood? It is the key to an intimate relationship with God which is a source of real strength to us.

We are living in a world influenced by Islam, Eastern religions, psychology, and atheism, among other things. We are bombarded by so many different ideas every day that we can easily become confused. Christian faith can seem to be just one of many faiths. It is not easy to stand firm with a distinctive Christian identity and live a gospel centered life. To do so, we need to know who Jesus really is. This knowledge is not just information; it transforms us and empowers us to live by the gospel truth.

We also face challenges from within, such as strong and sweet temptations through the Internet and social media. We are vulnerable to our sinful nature and can easily be entangled by it. If we indulge in sin, it is not easy to overcome its grip. We suffer from a guilty conscience and lose spirit. Then we become frustrated and depressed; we can begin to drift away and shrink back. How can we overcome these inner enemies? How can our faith be renewed and our spirits restored?

Through the study of Hebrews, let’s come to Jesus, find the grace, mercy and strength we need, have confidence in Christ, and restore our spirits.